Who Ultimate Phonics Helps

Ultimate Phonics is a versatile program that helps a wide range of students of all ages to improve their reading. This article discusses the different kinds of students who can benefit from using the program.

Anyone who does poorly on our test

You can use our free reading test to easily determine which students will benefit from going through the program.

If students read the test accurately and at a good pace then Ultimate Phonics will not help them. If students misread words or read words very slowly on the test then Ultimate Phonics will definitely help them. The more difficulty they have with the test the more the program will improve their reading ability.

Young beginning readers

Ultimate Phonics is the ideal program to ensure young children become excellent readers for life. The only prerequisites for children starting the program are knowing the names of the alphabet letters and at least some of the sounds of the letters. Ultimate Phonics takes it from there and teaches children to be excellent, advanced readers at an early age.

Young struggling readers

If you have young (ages 6-10) children who have had some reading instruction but are struggling, Ultimate Phonics is a great remedial reading program.

Two of the most common reading problems are:

  1. Inaccurate reading caused by whole word memorizing, guessing, and skipping.
  2. Accurate but slow and laborious reading caused by weak phonics decoding skill.

Both of these problems cause poor reading comprehension. Ultimate Phonics fixes both of these problems and teaches children to be accurate, rapid readers with good comprehension.

Older struggling readers

If you have older students (4th grade and up) who are struggling with reading, Ultimate Phonics is an age appropriate remedial phonics program. The program has a direct, 100% educational design that is not insulting to older students and thoroughly teaches them the phonics skills they failed to learn in earlier grades.

Students with dyslexia

Ultimate Phonics is a systematic, intensive phonics program. This is the same approach proven to be most effective in helping dyslexic readers. In particular, it is the same underlying approach used in Orton-Gillingham reading and spelling programs designed to help dyslexics.

Ultimate Phonics can be used as a standalone program to teach dyslexics, and it also makes a great supplement to Orton-Gillingham programs.

Adult literacy students

There are many adults who are poor readers or non-readers because they never learned phonics when they were children. Ultimate Phonics is an excellent program for improving adult literacy by teaching foundational phonics skills with a 100% educational, non-insulting approach. Many adult students love the program and find it very helpful for adult literacy and college remedial reading.

ESL students

ESL (English as a Second Language) students need to learn phonics just like native English speakers. Learning to speak English in no way guarantees the ability to read English. Ideally ESL students should be learning to read with phonics at the same time they are learning to speak English.

Ultimate Phonics also has the added benefit of improving pronunciation. It teaches all the sounds of English and clearly breaks down the sounds and pronunciation of thousands of words and sentences.

For older ESL students who are motivated to improve their English reading and pronunciation, the program is great for self-study on the computer.


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