How Ultimate Phonics Works

Ultimate Phonics works by teaching students to read a huge amount of systematically organized reading material. The reading material consists of over 4,400 words and 2,100 sentences organized into 262 lessons following a complete phonics scope and sequence.

Ultimate Phonics follows this recipe for success:

Complete the lessons in order

Students complete the lessons in order, since each lesson builds on knowledge taught in earlier lessons. Doing the lessons in order ensures students will always be able to accurately sound out all the words and sentences in each lesson without needing to guess or skip.

The exception is if you are using Ultimate Phonics as a supplement to another reading program. In that case you can skip around, using the Find feature to choose lessons that match phonics patterns taught in the other program.

Students review each lesson with the app

When students start a new lesson they should review the words and sentences using the Ultimate Phonics app. The app shows clearly and directly how to sound out every word and sentence in the lesson.

Many students can use the app independently to review the lesson before they read it to the teacher.

Students read each lesson aloud accurately

After reviewing the lesson with the app, students should read the words and sentences aloud to someone acting as the teacher, usually a parent, teacher, or tutor. Students can read the words and sentences from the app or from our Words and Sentences pdf.

A lesson is successfully completed when students can accurately read aloud all the words and sentences in the lesson.

Teacher's role is to guide, listen, and correct

The teacher's role is to guide students through the lessons, listen to them read the words and sentences, and correct their mistakes as they happen.

The teacher makes sure students read all the words and sentences with 100% accuracy. No guessing or skipping allowed! Because of the way the lessons are organized, students always know everything they need to sound out all the words and sentences without having to guess.

When students make mistakes, stop them and get them to sound out the word correctly. Use the app to review words and sentences as needed.

The results

When they finish the program, students will have accurately sounded out 4,474 words and 2,130 sentences up to a fifth grade level without any guessing or skipping. In the process they will have learned all the phonics patterns and sounds of English. They will be accurate readers with good comprehension and will be well prepared for more advanced reading in higher grades.

Students who complete the program will achieve these results:

  • Better reading accuracy
  • Better reading fluency
  • Better reading comprehension
  • Better spelling
  • Better grades
  • Better test scores
  • Better overall education
  • Greater love of reading


Ultimate Phonics demo video