Student Placement

Ultimate Phonics does not have a placement test. We do have a reading test, but the purpose of the test is to determine how well students read in general, and whether or not Ultimate Phonics can help them.

There are two ways of using Ultimate Phonics. The first way is to use it as your main phonics program to teach a beginning reader or remediate a poor reader. The second way is to use the program as a supplement to help other reading programs work better.

If you have students that do poorly on our reading test, then we recommend they start at the beginning and go through the lessons in order so they learn to read properly from the ground up. The program is carefully designed with 100% decodable reading material so every lesson builds on earlier lessons. This is why it works so well.

If you are using the program as a supplement, then you can select lessons to reinforce whatever phonics patterns you want to teach. You can find lessons that match a particular topic by using the Find feature in the software. You can also look at our scope and sequence to see what each lesson teaches and identify lessons that match topics you want to teach.


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