Licensed software with 10 day trial

Ultimate Phonics is a licensed software program. However, you do not need a license to download, install, and start using the software. You can try the program for free.

After downloading and installing, you can use the program on your computer for 10 days without a license. The 10 days starts the first time you actually run the program. After 10 days the program will ask you for a license.

Ultimate Phonics requires a license to remove the 10 day time limit. You can purchase a license.

Entering your license

After you have purchased a license, you can enter it into the program. Click the Menu button in the top right of the program and then the "Enter License Key" button in the Menu window.

Ultimate Phonics license

Your license information consists of a Customer ID and a License Key. Enter that information into the program.

The Customer ID's and License Keys are very picky about having an exact match. If you are having a problem with your license information not working, you are almost certainly not entering an exact match.

Here are a few tips if you are having problems getting the program to accept your license information:

  1. Make sure you are matching the capitalization, spaces, and dashes.
  2. The Customer ID includes the name, it is not just the numbers with the dash in the middle.
  3. There are never any capital O's in the License Key, they are always zeroes.

License details

Number of computers per license

There is no limit on the number of computers you can download Ultimate Phonics on to. However, if you buy one license you should only be actively using the program on one of the computers at a time.

For example, your students could be running Ultimate Phonics on one computer in the morning and a different computer in the afternoon, but they shouldn't be running the program on both computers at the same time (unless you have two licenses).

The number of licenses you purchase should equal the number of computers that will be actively running Ultimate Phonics at the same time. For flexibility, you can run the program on different computers at different times.

In the case where you are using the program at home to teach your family, you have permission to use Ultimate Phonics on all of your home computers without restriction to teach your family members.

No limit on downloads

There is no limit on the number of times you can visit the Ultimate Phonics download page and download the program. If you get a new computer, you can simply download the program again onto the new computer and use your same license.

No limit on number of students

There is no limit on the number of students.

Licenses never expire

There is no expiration on the license, so it is a one time cost with no subscription or renewal fees.

Free upgrades included

All future upgrades to the program will be free.