Downloading and Installing


You download the Ultimate Phonics program from our website. The link to the download page is either in your free trial email or in your Ultimate Phonics License Information email if you have purchased a license.

On the download page, click on the green button and the program will begin downloading. If your web browser asks you to Run or Save, always choose Save.

Your web browser will show some kind of progress indicator while the program is downloading. The program is fairly large (around 250MB) so it will take some time to download. With a fast internet connection it will take around 5-10 minutes, but if you have a slow connection it will take longer.

After your browser indicates the download is finished, you need to find the downloaded file on your computer. Normally it will be in the Downloads folder on your computer. The file name is either Ultimate-Phonics-3-Setup.exe (for Windows) or Ultimate+Phonics.dmg (for Macintosh).


Windows installation

For Windows users, your download is a setup file (Ultimate-Phonics-3-Setup.exe). Just double-click the downloaded setup file and follow the instructions.

After the installation is finished you will see an Ultimate Phonics icon on your Windows desktop. Double-click the icon to run the program.

Macintosh installation

For Macintosh users, your download is a dmg file (Ultimate+Phonics.dmg). Just double-click the downloaded dmg file and then drag the Ultimate Phonics icon left to right into the Application folder icon. Then drag the Ultimate Phonics icon from your Applications folder into your dock if you wish.

If your computer does not have internet

The Ultimate Phonics program does not require the internet to run. We only use the internet as a delivery system to download the program. If you have a computer without internet access, you can still use the program by temporarily getting internet access long enough to download the program.

If you have a laptop you can go anywhere internet is available, for example a library, and download the program there.

If your computer is not portable then you can still get the program by following these steps:

  1. Go to a different computer that does have internet access.
  2. Download the program from our website onto that computer. The program will download as one big setup file: Ultimate-Phonics-3-Setup.exe (Windows) or Ultimate+Phonics.dmg (Mac).
  3. Copy the Ultimate Phonics setup file to a USB flash drive and take it to your computer without internet access.
  4. Copy the setup file from the USB drive onto your computer and run it to install Ultimate Phonics.