Ultimate Phonics Scope and Sequence


This free phonics scope and sequence is your blueprint for better reading. It shows you all the rules taught in the Ultimate Phonics software and the order in which they are learned.

  • Download our free phonics scope and sequence or read it below.
  • Try our Ultimate Phonics software to see over 4,400 words and 2,100 sentences organized to match this scope and sequence, then broken down and sounded out on your computer.
  • Check out our other free phonics resources.

The Ultimate Phonics scope and sequence isn't matched to any other specific reading program. It is designed as a standalone program. However it is still very useful as a supplement to other reading instruction.

If you are using our Ultimate Phonics software you can use the Find feature to easily find lessons that correlate to other reading programs. Find lets you quickly locate lessons that match any phonics rules your students are learning elsewhere. Then you can take advantage of our excellent word lists and computer features to help them learn faster and better.

If you're not using the software, you can correlate the lessons in Ultimate Phonics to other reading programs by using the scope and sequence.

If you are an an Orton-Gillingham teacher, or if you use other systematic intensive phonics methods suitable for dyslexics, you know the importance of direct teaching with lots of structured reading. We guarantee you will find Ultimate Phonics to be an invaluable addition to your teaching toolkit.