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Ultimate Phonics Features

Ultimate Phonics is a complete program that systematically teaches your children and students to be better readers. It starts at the most basic level of reading and finishes at an advanced level.

Words progress from simple one syllable words with short vowels in early lessons to advanced multisyllable words in later lessons.

Words progress from simple to advanced

In completing the program, they learn all the phonics sounds and rules of English. They also learn over 4,400 different words and 2,100 sentences in 262 lessons, preparing them to read books and other material at any level.

Each of our 262 lessons teaches a new phonics pattern or rule.

Ultimate Phonics letter pattern

Each lesson teaches a set of words using the new phonics rule. The words only use rules they have already learned in earlier lessons. This enables them to read without guessing.

Ultimate Phonics word list

Ultimate Phonics word

Each lesson also introduces a new set of sentences written with words they have already learned. They read over 2,100 different sentences. Hear sentences and words just by pointing. Right-click any word to see it broken down and sounded out.

Ultimate Phonics sentence

The Find feature lets you easily look up phonics patterns (phonograms) anywhere in the program. This is a great feature when using Ultimate Phonics as a supplement to other reading programs.

Find phonics patterns

You can also use Find to easily look up any word in the program.

Find words


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