Free Phonics Resources

These free phonics resources are useful for anyone who teaches reading. Whether you are a teacher, tutor, or homeschooler, these free phonics resources are a great supplement to your reading instruction.

Free Ultimate Phonics Software

Try the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program software for free.

Try Ultimate Phonics for free

Free Phonics Word Lists

Get all the word lists and sentences taught in Ultimate Phonics.

That's over 4,400 words and 2,100 sentences organized into 262 decodable phonics-based lessons. And they're all free!

Ultimate Phonics Words and Sentences

Free Phonics Reading Test

Want to know if Ultimate Phonics can help your children or students become better readers?

Try our Ultimate Phonics Reading Test, a useful tool that lets you quickly and easily diagnose basic reading ability. It's free!

Ultimate Phonics Reading Test

Phonics Scope and Sequence

Our free phonics scope and sequence is your map for better reading. It shows you all the rules taught in Ultimate Phonics and the order in which they are learned.

Ultimate Phonics scope and sequence

Tracking Sheet

Our free tracking sheet gives you a simple way to keep track of your students' place in the Ultimate Phonics lessons.

Ultimate Phonics tracking sheet