Checklist for Success

  1. Take the time to understand the program so you can better teach your students. We estimate one hour to read this guide and experiment with the software app.
  2. Set regular times for sessions with your students.
  3. For each session set a goal of completing at least one lesson. At first it may take longer than one session to successfully complete a lesson. Be patient.
  4. A lesson is completed when students can read the words and sentences aloud with 100% accuracy.
  5. Complete the lessons in order, since each lesson builds upon earlier lessons.
  6. Remember that Lesson 1 is a unique lesson that simply covers the basic sounds of the consonants. When first starting students on the program you should briefly review Lesson 1 and then go right into Lesson 2.
  7. After Lesson 1, all the lessons are organized the same way. You should go through the first few lessons with your students on the computer to help acquaint them with the software. Once they are familiar, they can review lessons on the computer independently.
  8. When students are first learning a lesson they should start on the first page and use the next (right arrow) button to go through all the pages in order. Students use the software to study the phonics breakdown of the words and sentences in preparation for reading them aloud.
  9. After students have reviewed a lesson on the computer, you should listen to them read the words and sentences aloud to verify the learning. They can read aloud from either the software or the Words and Sentences lists.
  10. When students read the words and sentences aloud, you should make sure they are reading the material with 100% accuracy. When they misread a word or sentence, stop them and help them to sound the word out correctly. If needed, use the software to review problem areas on the spot.
  11. Don’t overlook the powerful right-click feature. Right-clicking makes it easy to immediately review words or phonics patterns whenever students need it. Try right-clicking words in sentences and patterns in words. You can also right-click words in word lists to jump to the sounded out words.
  12. Be sure to provide plenty of praise and encouragement.
  13. When students have successfully completed the program they will be able to read the words and sentences in all 262 lessons with 100% accuracy. They will now be a reader and should simply be encouraged to read books and magazines they find interesting.
  14. These are only suggestions. Use your judgment to determine the best use for your students.


262 Lessons