What is Ultimate Phonics?

The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program is a software app to teach people of all ages to read with phonics. It is a complete program covering all the phonics sounds and rules of English. It includes a huge amount of systematically organized, 100% decodable reading material to ensure your students become accurate, fluent readers with good comprehension.

A complete systematic phonics program

Ultimate Phonics is a complete systematic phonics program that teaches all the phonics patterns and sounds of English in 262 lessons. Each lesson focuses on one specific letter pattern and sound combination. The lessons start at the most basic level and gradually progress to an advanced level. Every lesson builds on knowledge taught in previous lessons.

You can see all of the phonics patterns taught in each of the lessons in our scope and sequence:

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A huge amount of decodable reading material

Ultimate Phonics has a huge amount of 100% decodable reading material, with 4,474 different words and 2,130 sentences. Every word and sentence is written using only phonics patterns from the current lesson or earlier lessons. This means that in every lesson students are able to accurately sound out all the words and sentences without ever needing to guess.

Decodable reading material is text that students know how to sound out using the phonics patterns and sounds they have already been taught. If reading material is not decodable then students cannot sound out the words and they must resort to guessing and skipping, which is disastrous for comprehension and spelling. All the words and sentences in Ultimate Phonics are 100% decodable.

When they finish Ultimate Phonics, students will have accurately sounded out thousands of words and sentences up to a fifth grade level and in the process they have learned the complete phonics system of English. The program provides enough practice and goes to a high enough level to ensure students are prepared to read more advanced words in higher grades.

You can download a pdf of all the word lists and sentences taught in the program:

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A 100% educational, direct learning app

The Ultimate Phonics software app has a 100% educational design which enables students to learn directly with no distractions. It is not an "edutainment" cartoon game. The app teaches students to read with phonics in the most direct way possible, by showing them clearly how to break down and sound out thousands of words and sentences.

The app breaks down all of the 4,474 words in the program. You move the mouse to sound out the words, like this:

To break down and sound out any word in any of the 2,130 sentences, you simply right-click the word. Then click the Back button to go back to the sentence.

Easy to use, requires no special training

Ultimate Phonics does not require any special training or teaching experience to successfully teach reading. All the expertise is built into the design of the app and the organization of the word lists and sentences.

The app has a very simple design. Most parents, teachers, and tutors can read this User's Guide and fully understand how to use the app in around an hour. After you read the User's Guide you can typically show your children or students how to use the app in around 10 minutes.

Suitable for all ages

Ultimate Phonics is not age-specific and can be used with a wide range of students, from preschoolers to adults. It teaches the complete phonics system of English, which is the same whether a student is age 5 or 50. The simple, direct design of the app makes it usable by young children, but also makes it appealing and not insulting to older students.

Useful as a main program or a supplement

Ultimate Phonics can be used as your main reading program or as a supplement.

If you are using Ultimate Phonics as your main reading program, it gives you everything you need to teach your students to be accurate, fluent readers. Teaching reading can be difficult and confusing. Ultimate Phonics does most of the work for you and makes teaching reading simple and straightforward.

If you are already using another reading program you like, Ultimate Phonics can be used as a supplement to help the other program work even better. The app gives you an easy way to use your computer to provide extra practice on the phonics patterns you're teaching in the other program.

In any situation where reading is being taught, Ultimate Phonics can help. It is an essential tool in your reading instruction toolkit.


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