Levels and Lessons

In the Ultimate Phonics iOS and Android apps we introduce the idea of levels.

What are Levels?

Levels are just groups of lessons. The iPad and Android apps use exactly the same 262 lessons as the Windows and Macintosh versions, but in the apps the lessons are grouped into 12 levels:

Level Lessons Level Lessons
1 1 - 50 7 156 - 171
2 51 - 80 8 172 - 183
3 81 - 106 9 184 - 209
4 107 - 124 10 210 - 225
5 125 - 147 11 226 - 239
6 148 - 155 12 240 - 262

What is the content of the levels and lessons?

The content is the same as the Windows and Macintosh versions, with identical word lists and sentences.

Here is the scope and sequence of the lessons and levels:

Here are the word lists and sentences taught in each lesson:

How are levels purchased?

When you first install the app, it comes with level 1 (lessons 1 to 50) installed for free. To get the remaining levels 2 to 12 (lessons 51 to 262) you must make an in-app purchase or redeem a promo code.

In-app purchase

You can learn how to purchase levels and lessons from inside the app here:

Promo code

You receive a promo code for your choice of the complete iOS or Android app whenever you purchase a new Windows and Macintosh license. Learn how to redeem your promo code here:

How much do levels cost?

The cost of purchasing the complete program with all 12 levels and 262 lessons is $29.99 USD. You can also purchase levels one at a time for $3.99 USD each.

If you are outside the United States, the prices will be in your local currency at the current conversion rate for US dollars (USD).

One of the strengths of Ultimate Phonics is that it is a comprehensive phonics program, teaching all the letter patterns and sounds in English. Therefore we encourage you to purchase the complete program by giving you a substantial discount for purchasing all the levels and lessons at once.

If you purchase levels 2 to 12 individually, your total cost is $43.89 (11 x $3.99). If you purchase levels 2 to 12 all at once, your total cost is only $29.99. So you save $13.90 (the difference between $43.89 and $29.99) by purchasing all the levels at once.

IMPORTANT: Because each level builds on previous levels, individual levels must be purchased in order. There cannot be any gaps. For example, if you only own level 1 then your only option for purchasing an individual level is level 2.