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Licenses and Purchasing

Ultimate Phonics Computer Requirements

Ultimate Phonics runs on Windows and Macintosh computers.

   Windows 10, 8, and 7
   macOS 10.9 and higher

How to Install Ultimate Phonics

For Windows, your download is a setup file (Ultimate-Phonics-3-Setup.exe). Just double-click the downloaded setup file and follow the instructions.

For Macintosh, your download is a dmg file (Ultimate+Phonics.dmg). Just double-click the downloaded dmg file and then drag the Ultimate Phonics icon into the Application folder icon. Then drag the Ultimate Phonics icon from your Applications folder into your dock if you wish.

How to Download Ultimate Phonics

There are two ways to download the Ultimate Phonics program:

  1. If you have purchased Ultimate Phonics, the email sent to you with your license information includes a link to the download page.
  2. If you have not already purchased Ultimate Phonics, you can try it for free. Just click the button below and we will immediately send you a link to download the program.

Is Internet Access Required?

The Ultimate Phonics program does not require the internet to run. We only use the internet as a delivery system.

If you have a computer without internet access you can still use the program by following these steps:

  1. Go to any computer with internet access.
  2. Download the program onto that computer. The program will download as one big setup file: Ultimate-Phonics-3-Setup.exe (Windows) or Ultimate+Phonics.dmg (Mac).
  3. Copy the Ultimate Phonics setup file to a CD or USB flash drive and take it to the other computer without internet access.
  4. Copy the file onto the other computer, run the setup program to install Ultimate Phonics, and then run the installed program.

Is There a CD or DVD Version?

Ultimate Phonics is not offered on a CD or DVD. The program is downloaded from our website and installed on your computer. See the support sections on license, download, and internet for more details.

Ultimate Phonics License Information

Number of computers per license

There is no limit on the number of computers you can download Ultimate Phonics on to. However, if you buy one license you should only be actively using the program on one of the computers at a time.

For example, your students could be running Ultimate Phonics on one computer in the morning and a different computer in the afternoon, but they shouldn't be running the program on both computers at the same time (unless you have two licenses).

The number of licenses you purchase should equal the number of computers that will be actively running Ultimate Phonics at the same time. For flexibility, you can run the program on different computers at different times.

No limit on downloads

There is no limit on the number of times you can visit the Ultimate Phonics download page and download the program. If you get a new computer, you can simply download the program again onto the new computer and use your same license.

No limit on number of students

There is no limit on the number of students.

No renewal or upgrade fees

There is no expiration on the license, so it is a one time cost with no annual renewal fee. All future upgrades will be free.

Entering Your License Information

Ultimate Phonics requires a license to remove the 10 day time limit. After you have purchased Ultimate Phonics and received your Customer ID and License Key, you can enter them into the program. Just click the menu button in the upper right of the program window, then click License and the ENTER A LICENSE button.

Help, My License Isn't Working

The Customer ID's and License Keys are very picky about having an exact match. If you are having a problem with your license information not working, you are almost certainly not entering an exact match.

You must enter both the customer ID and license key exactly the way they were provided. Remember it is not just the the license key but also the customer ID information that must be exact.

First enter your customer ID. The customer ID is usually your name (or the name of the person or organization that purchased the license) followed by some numbers with a dash in the middle. You must match the capitalization and spacing exactly. If you entered your name in all lower case when you purchased the program, then that is how you will enter it in the customer ID.

Then in the License Key area, type in your license key in the following format, replacing the X's with your letters and numbers.


Be sure to include the same capitalization and the dashes.
Important: there are never any capital O’s in the customer ID and license Key – they are always zeroes.

Help, I lost my license key

If you lose your license key, just send us an email at and we will email you a copy. Be sure to include the name and email used to purchase the program.

Purchase Orders

For information on placing purchase orders, see our Purchase Orders page.