Teach All Kinds of Students

Beginning reading phonics program

Beginning Readers

Many children never become good readers. If you want to insure your young children become excellent lifelong readers, Ultimate Phonics is a great phonics program for beginning readers.

Remedial reading phonics program for struggling readers

Struggling Readers

When your students struggle with reading, it cripples their education. Ultimate Phonics is an excellent remedial reading phonics program for struggling readers that helps them catch up and succeed.

High school and middle school phonics reading program

Middle / High School

Ultimate Phonics is an excellent, age-appropriate, high school and middle school phonics program that greatly improves the reading of older struggling readers in higher grades.

Adult literacy phonics program

Adult Literacy

There is no better adult literacy phonics program than Ultimate Phonics. Adult learners love the direct, non-insulting design and content. This is an essential tool for any adult literacy group.

ESL phonics reading software program


English as a Second Language students need to learn how to read with phonics while they are learning to speak English. Ultimate Phonics improves reading and pronunciation for ESL students of all ages.

Dyslexia phonics software app for all ages


Ultimate Phonics uses a scientifically proven method, consistent with Orton-Gillingham programs, that teaches people of all ages to overcome dyslexia and become good readers.

Autism phonics reading program


Ultimate Phonics software may help improve the speech and reading abilities of your autistic child. Learn more about our phonics software to help students with autism.