The Best Remedial Reading Phonics Program for Struggling Readers

Ultimate Phonics is a proven remedial reading program that dramatically improves reading ability for many struggling readers. It provides the direct, systematic, intensive phonics instruction that a lot of older students never received in their early years in school. It is an affordable, complete program that enables you to accelerate the development of poor readers into good readers.

For students who never learned phonics due to poor instruction in the early grades, Ultimate Phonics provides a thorough, solid foundation for better reading. Without strong phonics skills it is impossible to be a good reader. Now you can thoroughly teach your children or students those critical phonics skills with just a few hours per week using our program.

For students who have some phonics skills, but read so slowly and laboriously that they have poor comprehension, Ultimate Phonics can accelerate their development into rapid, accurate, fluent readers with good comprehension.

Most poor readers never catch up

Once your children or students fall behind in reading it is very difficult for them to catch up. Studies consistently show that around 75% of students who are reading below grade level at the end of third grade never catch up and have their education permanently crippled. Fortunately, by devoting as little as two hours per week to Ultimate Phonics, many struggling readers can catch up and succeed in their education and career.

Poor reading affects their entire education

Poor reading affects all other subjects. If your children or students are poor readers they will struggle in most subjects. In English, history, and social studies they can't comprehend the text. And in math, they will have trouble reading and understanding word problems. Strong reading skills are a requirement for a good education and struggling readers must have their reading problem fixed to have any hope of success.

Ultimate Phonics is an excellent remedial reading phonics program for your older children and students who are struggling readers. By teaching them with Ultimate Phonics you help to ensure they will catch up in reading and be able to succeed in school and beyond.

Why your child struggles with reading

In many cases, your child struggles with reading because of poor teaching or poor curriculum in the early grades. Unfortunately, most reading curriculum is badly designed and many primary grade teachers, although well intentioned, are inadequately trained to teach good reading.

Whether you are a teacher, parent, or tutor, Ultimate Phonics gives you an expertly designed, easy to use program that enables you to teach your struggling readers to be good readers.

The human brain is not designed by nature to read. Although we are naturally provided with incredible spoken language abilities, there is no part of our brain that is designed to read printed language. This explains why learning to read is so difficult for your students and why a well designed phonics program like Ultimate Phonics is the key for teaching them.

What happens when we learn to read

When we learn to read we go through a gradual process of connecting the parts of the brain that recognize patterns such as letters and letter groups with the parts of the brain that handle spoken language. This is commonly known as phonics. When this learning process is complete we can rapidly scan printed language and fluently and accurately decode it into spoken language. That is, we can now read. This is exactly the goal that Ultimate Phonics accompishes.

Phonics is the key to reading achievement

Numerous scientific studies have shown that phonics skills are the single most important predictor of successful reading achievement.

Phonics skills and reading achievement

Ultimate Phonics builds your child's reading brain

Ultimate Phonics is specifically designed to build your child's powerful reading brain. Through a series of 262 lessons it enables you to easily teach your child to be a fluent, accurate, excellent lifelong reader.

Over five times the reading practice

Ultimate Phonics has over five times the amount of reading practice found in most other phonics software programs. Because of this, it teaches reading to a much higher level.

Over five times the reading practice in other programs

You can't leave reading to the schools

Most children never go through the process of learning to skillfully read. Unfortunately, you can't just leave it to the schools to fix the problem. Look at the U.S. national reading scores for 4th and 8th graders in 2019:

2019 4th Grade Reading Scores (US NAEP)

Reading Level Percent of Students
Advanced 9%
Proficient 26%
Basic 31%
Below Basic 34%

Almost two-thirds of fourth graders read below a proficient level, which means they are poor readers or illiterate

2019 8th Grade Reading Scores (US NAEP)

Reading Level Percent of Students
Advanced 4%
Proficient 29%
Basic 39%
Below Basic 27%

In 8th grade, almost two-thirds of students are still poor readers or illiterate. Only 4% have become advanced readers.

The importance of phonics

Weak phonics skills are often the root of many reading problems, including poor comprehension. In fact, it is impossible to be a good reader without strong phonics decoding skills and fluency.

If your child is heavily dependent on word memorizing and sight reading, we need to fix this problem now. If your child guesses and skips new words, or decodes words very slowly, he will never have good comprehension. Good comprehension requires fluent, accurate, decoding. This is exactly what Ultimate Phonics teaches.

How Ultimate Phonics can help you

Ultimate Phonics is a serious educational tool. It is not a cartoon game or toy. There no silly songs or dancing bunny rabbits anywhere to be found in the program. Its sole purpose is to thoroughly teach your students the strong phonics skills necessary for them to become good readers.