A Phonics Program for Beginning Readers that Accelerates Reading Level

Ultimate Phonics accelerates the reading level of young children, so they become excellent readers.

Phonics is the key

Strong phonics skills are the key to excellent reading for many children. Numerous scientific studies have shown that phonics skills are the single most important predictor of successful reading achievement.

Phonics skills and reading achievement

You can't leave reading to the schools

If you want your young children to become good readers, you unfortunately can't just leave it to the schools. Take a look at the 2019 national reading scores for fourth grade in the United States:

2019 4th Grade Reading Scores (US NAEP)

Reading Level Percent of Students
Advanced 9%
Proficient 26%
Basic 31%
Below Basic 34%

Almost two-thirds of fourth graders read below a proficient level, which means they are poor readers or illiterate

Only 9% of children become advanced readers

The bottom line is, if you want to make sure your children become good readers you need to take steps beyond the standard school curriculum. Fortunately, in only two hours per week, the Ultimate Phonics program will develop your children into advanced, high level readers.

Teach your children to be good readers

Ultimate Phonics is the easiest most affordable way to teach your children to be good readers. It was designed for parents and teachers like you to provide your children with the highest quality reading instruction.

I must first thank you for the best phonics program on the market. My son is 5 years old in kindergarten and reads far beyond anyone in his class. He is starting in an advanced reading program at school. His greatest success has come from working at home with Ultimate Phonics.

Rick Waite, Parent