Adult Literacy Phonics that Learners and Tutors Love

We've heard it many times over the years: adult literacy learners and tutors love Ultimate Phonics. It's simply the perfect program for teaching phonics skills to adults who need to improve their reading.

Adult learners love the design of our software because it directly teaches them to read in the clearest possible way. And tutors love Ultimate Phonics because it's easy to use and produces great results. Try it for yourself and see why Ultimate Phonics is an essential teaching tool for any adult literacy situation.

Ultimate Phonics is an Essential Teaching Tool for your Adult Literacy Program

The Ultimate Phonics software program is an essential tool in your adult literacy toolbox. It's used by many adult literacy centers of all types, including libraries, community colleges, and even prisons.

Finally, we have new computers in the Literacy Program and your WONDERFUL Ultimate Phonics program is up and running. I'm sure you will take satisfaction in knowing this program is making a difference in the lives of our students.

Ultimate Phonics is so easy to use and organized in just the way we have have needed all these years. I can't imagine a literacy program without it. Thank you!

Keren Friedman, Literacy Coordinator

Thank you so much for helping us out in this way and for producing such a fine product. My tutors and students love Ultimate Phonics.

Cindi Riley, Literacy Director

You deserve accolades for the development of Ultimate Phonics software! It is the best I've seen for the adult learners in our literacy program. Whether beginning readers or just "terrible spellers," students find the system tremendously helpful. Thanks to the consistent format and high quality voice activation feature, students quickly become independent using Ultimate Phonics.

Patricia Flanigan, Literacy Program Manager

10 Reasons Why Adult Literacy Learners and Tutors Love Ultimate Phonics

1)  Its design is perfect for adults

Although Ultimate Phonics is designed to teach reading to people of all ages, its design is especially suitable for adult learners. It makes great use of the computer to directly teach them how to read the entire phonics system of English. The simple yet powerful features empower them to completely understand and learn how to read with phonics.

2)  It uses direct, systematic phonics

Our program is complete and systematic, with tons of decodable reading practice. Many so-called phonics programs are not only incomplete, the little bit of phonics they do teach is done in a haphazard and unorganized way.

3)  It focuses on reading practice over games

The best way to improve reading is to read a lot. Your adult students are there to learn and not to play a bunch of distracting games with minimal educational content. Ultimate Phonics gives them a ton of reading practice, with over 4,400 different words and 2,100 sentences organized into 262 lessons.

Ultimate Phonics starts at the most basic level and gradually progresses to an advanced level with lots of actual reading practice all along the way. Because of the careful organization of our 100% decodable reading material, your learners will enjoy success throughout the entire program.

4)  Your tutors can use it with minimal training

To help large numbers of students improve their reading you need an adult phonics program that doesn't require extensive training to be used successfully. Tutors can be fully up and running with Ultimate Phonics in less than hour of training. That's because we built so much expertise into the design of our software and the organization of our reading material.

5)  It's not insulting to the learners

Adult students don't want to be treated like first graders. Forget about childish cartoon characters, funny songs, and silly games — they just want to learn to read. They love the clear, direct way Ultimate Phonics teaches them to read, with lots of higher level reading content in addition to thoroughly reviewing the basics.

6)  It lets students learn independently

Although students should work regularly with a tutor, they can can also learn productively on their own with Ultimate Phonics. Motivated students can improve their reading by working independently on the computer. Then when they get together with their tutors they can accelerate their progress even more.

Ultimate Phonics enables students to break the feeling of constant dependence on their tutors. It gives them increased confidence, success, and motivation to learn.

7)  It enhances your other reading instruction

You want a program that supports and strengthens other programs you have invested in. Ultimate Phonics is a great enhancement for almost any other reading instruction.

If your other reading instruction lacks a strong phonics component then Ultimate Phonics provides it for you.

If you already have a strong phonics program, Ultimate Phonics gives you another way to use your computers as powerful teaching tools to supplement and improve the results from your existing program.

8)  It’s ideal for dyslexia and learning disabilities

Ultimate Phonics is a direct, systematic, intensive phonics program. This approach is widely recognized as the best for teaching dyslexics and other problem readers.

9)  It fits your budget

At a low price for the complete program, Ultimate Phonics is one of the best investments you can make. There's no limit on the number of students, so for your one-time investment you can teach hundreds or even thousands of students over many years.

10)  It's proven to work with adults

You want a program that's been used for many years in hundreds of adult literacy settings. Adult literacy has always been one of the areas where Ultimate Phonics has proven to be an excellent reading program. The direct teaching design, systematic approach, and deep content make it the perfect phonics software program for adults.

Over the past 15 years, we have heard nothing but positive comments and success stories from many adult literacy tutors, directors, and learners. It has been very rewarding to help so many wonderful tutors change the lives of so many students.