Ultimate Phonics Reading Software for Overcoming Dyslexia

Ultimate Phonics is ideal for teaching children and students with dyslexia to be better readers. It uses the same systematic, intensive phonics approach recommended by experts and proven by science to help dyslexics of all ages become successful readers.

For 6 months I have used your Ultimate Phonics Reading Program to help my 11 year old son who has dyslexia and other learning disabilities. I am amazed and relieved at his progress.

My son is reading more fluently now and is starting to build back that self confidence that he lost when he realized that his peers were doing something he couldn't do. Thank you for the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program. It has made a difference!!!

Lori Miller, Parent

You think your child might have dyslexia, or you know that he does. He may be intelligent and talented, but for some reason he has major trouble with reading. His reading problems frustrate him, affect his self image, and make school more difficult.

What do you do?

There are a number of things you could try. You could rely on the school to solve the problem. The odds aren't very good, but you never know. You could hire an expensive tutor. You could experiment with different reading programs hoping you'll find one that works. Unfortunately, most of the really good programs are pricey and complicated. Or you could use a program that is simple, affordable, and proven to teach reading to children with dyslexia.

Ultimate Phonics is an affordable, proven way to teach your dyslexic child to read

Ultimate Phonics is ideal for teaching reading to children with dyslexia. Mountains of scientific research has proven that direct, systematic, intensive phonics is the best method for teaching reading to dyslexics of all ages. This is exactly the method used in Ultimate Phonics. You won't find a better program for improving your child's reading at any price.

See if we can help

To see if Ultimate Phonics can help, use our free reading test for a quick and easy assessment. The test consists of some sample sentences from Ultimate Phonics. It gives you an idea of the progression of the reading material we teach. Any child with dyslexia who has trouble reading our test sentences fluently and accurately will benefit tremendously from using Ultimate Phonics.