High School and Middle School Phonics Software Program that Fixes Reading Problems

Ultimate Phonics is an excellent program for remediating struggling readers in middle school and high school. Its direct approach isn't insulting for older students and its comprehensive content sets them on the path to success.

I have been using your Ultimate Phonics program for over 5 years. It is awesome! I have had unbelievable success in teaching upper graders to be able to read.

Frank Razo, Teacher

Ultimate Phonics improves the key phonics skills that lead to higher reading achievement for your weak readers in middle school and high school. It's an easy, affordable way to provide the remedial phonics instruction necessary to strengthen the basic reading skills many students are lacking.

Phonics is key for reading achievement

40 years of Scientific research has shown that strong phonics decoding skills are a key factor in better reading achievement. Your students will never achieve good reading comprehension and high test scores without fluent and accurate decoding.

Phonics skills and reading achievement

You can easily assess phonics skills

You may think your students already have good phonics decoding skills. This is probably not true for your weakest readers. For a quick and easy assessment, download and administer our free reading test to your students ranking in the bottom 25%. You will see that many of them have weak fundamental decoding skills.

How to improve reading comprehension and raise test scores

Students in middle and high school who lack fundamental phonics decoding skills can't achieve good reading comprehension and high test scores until this underlying problem is fixed.

There are two basic elements that make a good reader:

  • Fluency in the spoken language
  • Fluent and accurate decoding of written language

If your students are weak in these basics you must make them your highest priority. It is impossible to make major improvements in reading comprehension, writing, and spelling until these basics are learned.

Ultimate Phonics doesn't address the issue of spoken language fluency, although it may help with pronunciation. We do however specifically target the problem of slow and inaccurate decoding, especially in older students.

Start with your weakest readers

Using our reading test or your own testing, identify your worst readers. These are students that can clearly benefit from additional help, so start using Ultimate Phonics with them. As you become familiar with the program and see the results, you can expand the number of students using the program according to your judgment.