Ultimate Phonics Reading Test

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Our free Ultimate Phonics Reading Test lets you quickly and easily test the basic reading ability of anyone, ages 4 to adult.

Many parents and teachers mistakenly assume their children or students have good phonics skills when in fact they don't. Many reading problems, including comprehension, fluency, and spelling problems, stem from weak phonics decoding skills. Our test gives you a quick and easy reality check on their true reading ability.

The test consists of a word list and a series of sentences taken from the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program. The sentences are written entirely with words that follow the major phonics sounds and rules. A good reader will be able to read the word list and sentences with few or no mistakes.

1)  Listen to them read the test

To give the free reading test, simply have your children or students read the word list and sentences aloud. The more mistakes they make, the weaker their phonics skills and the more they will benefit from Ultimate Phonics.

2)  Watch for guessing and skipping

Especially watch for tendencies to guess at words and skip words, as well as excessively slow reading. These are classic phonics problems that lead to poor reading comprehension and many educational problems down the road.

3)  The more mistakes, the more we can help

If your children or students have difficulty reading the test then Ultimate Phonics is guaranteed to greatly improve their reading regardless of age. For young children, it teaches them to be excellent lifelong readers. For older students, it teaches them the essential reading skills for future success.