$30 Off Sale on Windows and Macintosh Licenses
Free Bonus: Includes our iPad or Android App

You get an Ultimate Phonics Windows and Macintosh license
plus your choice of the complete iPad or Android app

Improve reading fluency, accuracy, and comprehension
for beginning and struggling readers of all ages

$30 Off Sale on Windows and Macintosh licenses
Limited-Time Bonus: Also includes a complete iOS or Android app
Normally $69.95, now only $39.95 through Wednesday, December 11th

$30 off sale

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What You Get

  • A Windows and Macintosh software license that never expires for a one-time charge
  • A promo code for your choice of our complete iOS or Android app with all 262 lessons
  • A phonics software program that improves reading comprehension and raises reading level for all ages
  • A complete program that teaches all the phonics sounds and rules of English
  • Free updates forever
  • Unlimited students
  • All 262 lessons
  • More than 4,400 words sounded out
  • More than 2,100 sentences sounded out
  • Progresses from basic to advanced Level
  • Complete online User's Guide
  • All lessons are downloadable and printable

I think this is the single best reading program out there on a computer.
I have tried many of them and yours is the best by far. My daughter Paula loves Ultimate Phonics. Do you know why? Not only only does she learn well with your program, it makes her feel smart. And that helps her in all of her subjects!

She is now doing very well in school largely because of Ultimate Phonics. I can't say enough kind words about this software. She is getting good grades in all of her subjects. This was a little girl that was doing poorly.

Ultimate Phonics did this!Steve Horovitz, Parent

Desktop computer

The Ultimate Phonics program teaches all the letter pattern and sound combinations in English (also known as phonograms).

The program has over 260 high quality word lists, starting with simple words and progressing to advanced multisyllable words.

Laptop computer

Over 4,400 words are broken down and sounded out so students learn how the spelling of words represents the sounds of the words.

Students get a lot of practice reading over 2,100 sentences, starting simple and progressing to advanced.

Android phone

Why Does Ultimate Phonics Work Better?

A Serious Reading Program

Ultimate Phonics has only one purpose, and that is to teach your students to be good readers. Many phonics programs focus on entertainment but fail at teaching reading. Ultimate Phonics succeeds where other programs fail.

100% Educational

Ultimate Phonics is a 100% educational program. No cartoon characters, no silly songs. No fluff and no distractions. Every feature and every lesson is laser focused on teaching your students to be better readers.

More Direct

Ultimate Phonics teaches your students to read in the clearest, most direct way possible. Your students interact directly with thousands of words and sentences so they fully learn how to read with phonics.

More Complete

Ultimate Phonics teaches all the phonics sounds and rules. Most other programs only teach a fraction of what your students need to learn. When your students finish Ultimate Phonics, they will know all the phonics they'll ever need.

More Systematic

Learning to read can be confusing and overwhelming for many students due to the complexity and inconsistency of English. Ultimate Phonics organizes and simplifies the teaching of reading by using a systematic building blocks approach that succeeds where other reading programs fail.

More Practice

The key to becoming a good reader is learning how to read with phonics and then gaining a lot of reading experience, not just memorizing phonics rules. With Ultimate Phonics your students learn to read over 4,400 words and 2,100 sentences, up to a 5th grade vocabulary. They can then read independently and improve on their own from there.

I have researched and used many other reading programs, but yours is far and away the best that I have seen. Your approach is phonics based, logical, systematic, highly motivating, and very effective in producing true mastery of the skills involved. As a middle school teacher, I realize the importance of students reading on grade level. No other program was able to compare with Ultimate Phonics.

Last year during my son's Kindergarten, my eyes were opened when the teacher told me at a conference that my son scored the lowest on the Lexia Assessment, (a reading phonics test required by the district). After 4 months on the Ultimate Phonics program, my son scored the highest in the class on the Lexia assessment, and scored in the top percent on the state’s standardized test.

Thanks for instilling confidence, and a stronger self esteem in my son in reading and spelling. Ultimate Phonics is the best reading program ever.

Ultimate Phonics changed my son's life!E. Franks, Teacher and Parent

What Results Can You Expect?

  • Accelerated reading level with only
    one or two hours per week
  • Learn all phonics sounds and rules
  • Much better reading accuracy
  • Much better reading fluency
  • Much better reading comprehension
  • Better love of reading
  • Better grades
  • Better test scores
  • Better overall education
  • Better future job prospects

Computer running Ultimate Phonics

Works Great as a Primary Reading Program
or as a Supplement to Other Programs

If you're teaching any phonics at all,
you need Ultimate Phonics

A Great Primary Phonics Program

Computer running Ultimate Phonics

Imagine your children or students learning all the phonics of English and reading up to a fifth grade vocabulary with only one or two hours per week

If you're looking for a great primary reading program, look no further. Ultimate Phonics gives you everything you need to teach your children or students to be excellent readers.

Teaching reading can be difficult and confusing. Ultimate Phonics does most of the work for you, and makes teaching better reading simple and straightforward.

If you want your young children to be excellent readers, or if you want poor readers of any age to become much better readers, you won't find a better primary reading program at any price than Ultimate Phonics.

An Essential Supplement For All Reading Teachers

Ultimate Phonics Find feature

The Find feature lets you easily find lessons for any phonics pattern or rule

If you're an experienced reading teacher, Ultimate Phonics is an essential teaching tool to supplement your other reading programs. Ultimate Phonics provides a unique, direct teaching approach on your computer that gives your students invaluable extra practice on most of the phonics subjects you're teaching in your other reading programs.

For almost any phonics subject, Ultimate Phonics has a correlated lesson that gives you great word lists and decodable sentences, all fully broken down and sounded out on your computer. It reinforces the teaching in your other programs and enables you to get much better results.

Orton-Gillingham teachers will especially appreciate the systematic, intensive design of Ultimate Phonics. But any teacher who is teaching any phonics will benefit tremendously by incorporating Ultimate Phonics into their curriculum.

Join Tens of Thousands of Parents, Teachers, and Tutors
Who Teach Better Reading With Ultimate Phonics

$30 Off Sale on Windows and Macintosh licenses
Limited-Time Bonus: Also includes a complete iOS or Android app
Normally $69.95, now only $39.95 through Wednesday, December 11th

$30 off sale