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The solution for older struggling readers

The Ultimate Phonics Unlimited Site License enables your school or educational organization to teach older struggling readers to be accurate, fluent readers with higher comprehension.

The root of the problem is they never learned phonics

The main reason many older students struggle with reading is because they were never taught to read with phonics.

When they were in the K-2 grades, many students were taught with balanced literacy programs that failed to teach phonics. Instead of learning how to sound out and learn new words on their own, which is the key to becoming a proficient reader, they were taught to guess at words.

It is easy to identify struggling students who never learned to read with phonics. They typically have these reading styles:

  • Guessing and skipping

    Do they look at the first letter and guess the rest of the word when they try to read a new word? This is a sure sign they never learned to read correctly with phonics.

  • Slow, laborious reading

    Do they try to sound out new words but they read too slowly and laboriously to keep track of the meaning? At least they have some idea of phonics, but their skill level is much too low.

Guessing and slow reading are serious problems that cause poor reading comprehension and prevent students from ever becoming good readers. The solution is to teach them the phonics they missed with a program suitable for older students.

Transform their reading with Ultimate Phonics

The solution for older struggling readers is to thoroughly teach them how to read with phonics.

50 years of scientific research, also known as the science of reading, proves that reading level is directly related to phonics skill. The greater the phonics skill, the higher the reading level.

An Ultimate Phonics site license empowers you to teach struggling readers the phonics skill they need to transform their ability to read, comprehend, and learn.

  • A complete, systematic phonics program
  • Aligned with the science of reading
  • Teaches students of all ages the phonics they missed
  • Not insulting to older students
  • An affordable, one-time investment
  • Easy to use — no special training required

In less than a year, in just a few hours per week, you can truly change these students' lives.

Phonics skill raises reading level

One license covers all your computers and devices

Sounded out word on computer

Windows and Mac

The unlimited site license covers all Windows and Macintosh computers at your school or organization.

Word list on Chromebook


The unlimited site license also covers all Chromebooks at your school or organization, using the Android version.

Sentence on iPad


The unlimited site license also covers all iPads at your school or organization.


Unlimited teachers and students

  • Unlimited teachers
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited Windows and Mac computers
  • Unlimited Chromebooks
  • Unlimited iPads
  • Free upgrades
  • Free technical support

Excellent for all kinds of students

  • Elementary students in grades 3 to 5
  • Middle school and high school students
  • College students
  • Adult literacy learners
  • ESL students of all ages
  • Students with dyslexia or other learning disabilities

An affordable one-time investment

The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program provides you with an effective, affordable, easy-to-use solution for teaching older struggling readers to be proficient readers.

After completing the program, your students will be accurate, fluent readers with higher comprehension. They will be able to read and learn independently and have a solid foundation for their education going forward.

The unlimited site license is normally an annual subscription, but during our special your school can purchase a site license for a one-time investment.

There is no additional payment, purchase the program once and use it to help students for many years to come.

$995  Annually

One-time investment!

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Finally, an effective solution for your older struggling readers who never learned to read with phonics.

You can achieve these results for struggling readers of all ages:

  • Much higher reading grade level
  • More accurate and fluent reading
  • Better reading comprehension
  • Better pronunciation
  • Better spelling
  • Better education

Windows • Macintosh
Chromebooks • iPads

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