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Redeem an Apple iOS Promo Code

If you received a promo code for the iOS version of the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program, here are instructions on redeeming your code:

1) Open the Apple App Store on your device, select the Today tab (or the Featured tab on older versions of iOS) and scroll to the bottom. Then tap Redeem.

Tap the Redeem button at bottom of Today

2) Tap "You can also enter your code manually".

Tap enter your promo code manually

3) Enter your promo code and tap Redeem.

Enter promo code

4) You should see a message that your promo code was successful.

Promo code success message

5) You will perform the rest of the steps from inside the Ultimate Phonics app. If the app store offers to install or open the app, you can accept. Otherwise you will need to install the app from the app store (search for "Ultimate Phonics") and then open the app.

6) In the Ultimate Phonics app, tap Menu.

Ultimate Phonics Menu icon

7) In the Levels section of Menu, tap Manage Levels.

Ultimate Phonics Manage Levels

8) In Manage Levels, tap Restore Purchases.

Ultimate Phonics Restore Purchases

9) When you see the "Purchases found!" message, tap OK. All your levels will now be installed.

Ultimate Phonics Restore Purchases found

10) You will now see that you own 12 levels of 12 in the Menu Levels section.

Ultimate Phonics all levels owned

If you ever uninstall and reinstall the app or install it on a different device with the same Apple ID, you can use Restore Purchases to retrieve your levels.